Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with postage!

Went to Destash Market, didn't sell very much. Am seriously tempted to post pictures of the stash somewhere saying "$200 for the lot, plus postage, or else come pick it up from Sydney north."

Mostly, I just want it out of my workroom and my sight!

But here's a picture of the stall I shared with Penny Poppleton at Destash Market:

Destash rainbow mini



It's been backed and quilted and bound and labelled (snapping a needle along the way), and now it's ready to be posted!

Destash rainbow mini

More pics can be found at my instagram, if you want to see more. I'm not posting them just yet, although I'm not even sure that my recipient is still in the swap...


compactible shopping bag

Working on a pattern for this, but I get as far as the casing, and then I get stuck!

Destash rainbow mini

plain jane passacaglia

Another Rosette 7 done!

Destash rainbow mini

And still going! My goal is to do a couple of pieces every day on the commute to work. My eyes (and my neck) can't handle all day every day, but a couple of pieces should be fine.


Birthday Swaps

January: I'm quietly terrified that my gift isn't good enough. Then again, I'm terrified every month that my gifts aren't good enough.

February: Working on it.

March: I'm debating whether just to give a little pouch that I made a few months ago but haven't been using.


I've pulled out my scraps. I'm thinking something bright. Have a few ideas, but nothing really concrete. Might become a pattern idea for a larger quilt...

Scraps for #igminioz


No ideas. None. *tears hair*

Going Nowhere

Oh, everything. I only got my sewing mojo on for the #rainbowminiswap, and I'm not sure how long it will last...

To Do This Week

1. Finish February and March and April Aussie Handmade Birthday Club projects. (Bad Sel.)
2. Get the IG Mini Oz top done. Now with extra scraps!

Good Friday = Good for sewing. :)

Also: for those of you who celebrate it - JESUS IS RISEN! :D

For the rest of you - enjoy the holiday and the chocolate. (Or whatever good things this time of year brings you.) :)


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  1. Ah really hoping you can find your sewing mojo somewhere. Maybe sew something quick and simple just for you, would that help? What is destash market? Something at a quilt meeting?


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