Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with swarm


"Swarm" by Sel

#swarmbysel is my first quilt for the Sydney Quilt Show. It's a bit of a monster, actually - I've been working on it for a year, very slowly, and it's only the impending deadline that has me working on it right now:

Why do i do this to myself? Why? #swarmbysel

Plus, those little triangles in the background triangle blocks? They're 'bees'.

They look really spectacular But they're a PAIN to make.


P. A. I. N.

But it's all coming together quite nicely, I think!

WIP Wednesday: swarm by Sel

It just needs to be four times longer...

If you'd like to watch it all come together, then I'm on Instagram as seldear - here.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

I joined the FB group for the Passacaglia. I'm not sure that was a good idea. Mostly, it becomes a little daunting to look at all the beautifully cut-and-pieced fussy-cuts, and then look at my own 'Plain Jane'.

Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind... #plainjanepassacaglia

Sometimes I feel rather like the entirety of online quilting is a big LOOK AT MOI! Including myself.

Going Nowhere

Birthday Swaps




To Do This Week


I have some time this Saturday - it's ANZAC day, and things will be pretty quiet commercially (although the circus surrounding it will be massive, since this is the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli. I'm debating whether to go to a dawn service, but not sure I can actually make it. Plus, I think that the memory of war and the gratefulness towards those who serve in the military is something that should be remembered in the midst of the kind of life they fought for, not on one day of the year - rather like love in the little things should be shown every day, not just on Valentines' Day.

And that's my meta for the month.

Have a good and productive week, and I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!


  1. Wow, you really are up for a challenge! I am in awe of your swarm and can't even imagine doing something called Passcaglia, I think it looks amazing. Clearly your blog title is spot on - thanks for showing us.

  2. Love, love, love swarm!!! It is going to be so gorgeous when its finished!

  3. Yay, your projects are really beautiful!

  4. Love your Passacaglia, although I like all the fussy cutting (I'm on that FB group too) I prefer the cogs that have a bit of space in them like yours, it means you can appreciate the shape of the cogs better.

  5. Your plain Jane is perfect and just as I would do it ... all that fussy cutting is too much for me (pfft - I'm a lazy bones) ... I'll just appreciate everyone else's from afar! Good luck with your quilt that needs to be four times longer - I'm cheering you on from little ol' Perth :)

  6. Wow! The triangles are awesome! I bet they take some time, but they are totally worth it. I can't wait to see your finished projects!


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