Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Q2 Proposed Finishes (Finish-Along)

So, things I propose to finish this quarter:

1. The Snowflake Quilt (I kind of have to; it's been entered in the Sydney Quilt Show 2016)

2. Never Did The Quiltmath
Not convinced this quilt is going to work quite the way I envisioned... #neverdidquiltmath

3. Elizabeth In Wonderland (so named after several comments on Instagram)
#saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter

4. Large Log Cabin - top

Finish along 2016 Q2

5. Friendship Supernova (extended version) - top

6. Drunkard's Path - top
"I'm feeling like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night..." What I would be doing in the #saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter, if not for the fact that I'm utterly wiped out...

7. Valley of the Kings - top
Finish along 2016 Q2

I won't get them all done, but I might as well list them so I know what I should be working on in the coming months!


  1. Beautiful projects. Good luck tackling them =)

  2. It's great to have several projects on the go, it makes it more fun when I lose pieces...no, wait, not more fun, more confusing, but I do it anyway!


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