Thursday, April 14, 2016

WIP Wednesday: the one on Thursday

So I'm a day late.


I put a post in for the 2016 Q2 Finish-a-long, listing the projects I aim to finish from April to June. Yes, there are a lot of them!

However, I've already completed one!

This fabric has been sitting around in my stash since 2009. At first I didn't know what to make with it; then I realised I wasn't as fond of the fabric as I initially thought. Then my style and ouvre changed and I couldn't think of a pattern I could do that would suit... And then it just got stashed away somewhere to gather dust.

Finish along 2016 Q2

I resurrected it a couple of years ago to make a quilt for an online friend who's gone somewhat AWOL in the last couple of years; I'm just not sure it's in her ouvre either!

Anyway, it's done.


Back it, quilt it, bind it, send it off!


#SewMyStash2016 has a bag challenge for April!

I've had my eye on making something in Sara Lawson's "Big City Bags" for a couple of years now - ever since I won the book in a random draw! I'd like to make one of the bigger bags, but figured I'd start small-ish.

Goals. I has them! #sewmystash2016

So that's going to be my project for the next week! We'll see how it goes.


Also in the meantime, some scrappy log cabins with 2.5" scrap strips (mostly left overs from bindings and other jelly roll projects). Not sure I particularly like the look, but it's simple and easy to do, and makes some really good scrap quilts to give away.

Finish along 2016 Q2

May need to slice a few more coloured strips for the right colour mix...


A friend and I have been thinking about the state of the WIP Wednesday, and were thinking of running a regular WIP Wednesday link-up - most for Australians, but this is the intarwebs, so really for anyone who wants to get involved.

Still in thinking process, although we'll probably talk about it on the train tonight.

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