Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Finish-Along: Q2 Finishes

Sadly, only one as per my Q2 Goals post - but what a doozy!

After four years of painstaking toil, the Plain Jane Passacaglia is DONE!

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Full picture of it hanging in the show, this weekend just past:

Plain Jane Passacaglia

Lovely as it is, I'm so glad it's done...well, mostly. I might do some more quilting on it. Or cut it up and remake it, just for fun. We'll see how I feel about it shortly...


I did get Break Free Or Build Upon to the flimsy stage - even to the basting stage!

Plain Jane Passacaglia

And then, once again, my machine failed me in the final week, and I had to withdraw my entry in the Sydney Quilt Show.

To be honest, it doesn't do quite what I'd hoped it might. It's also overly-large and I don't know what I was thinking making it like that...


The other goals are being rolled over to Q3:

-2x Scrappy Round The World
-4x backings


  1. Oh my goodness that's a gorgeous finish. I love the use of white - it makes the quilt very different than other interpretations of the La Passacaglia patterns I've seen. On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for linking up to the FAL.


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