Wednesday, June 27, 2018

List of hopefuls for the second half of 2018

While it’s good to have goals per quarter, I’m trying to draw up goals for the entirety of 2018. This should cut down a little on the chop-and-change nature of my quilting.

1. Get 4 more backings done and send off. FIND A NEW (LOCAL) QUILTER. (Love the one I've been using all this time, but she's in another city and not an easy one for me to reach.)
2. Bind 4 quilts returned from quilter.
3. Make 2 round the world flimsies from 2.5” strips.
4. #100blocks100days Challenge (Tula Pink 100 Blocks): make in Tula and Kona solids.
5. Snowflake block – publish (get pattern tested by the ModSquad ladies?
6. Swarm quilt – draw up pattern - publish in Make Modern?
7. Make 4 cousin quilts.

7. Design this – one side block, one corner block, one centre block

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