Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Finished Quilt!

Two finished quilts in July! Two!


This is a very conservative Double Irish Chain for my bible study leaders who got married back in December 2009. They've been my study leaders in 2010 and 2011 as well, so it's a good gift to give them.

Chris&Kate's Quilt

In the original plan, the 'double chain' was going to be the white/brown/gold fabric. Except that I miscalc'd when putting it all together, and it ended up as the 'single chain' fabric, which blends the dark green with the green-and-gold-flower-print. It still looks fine, but I keep thinking that it's not quite what I envisioned when I bought the fabric...

I've had the quilted quilt for at least four months now, and have been putting off binding it (like with the last quilt I finished - the Batik boxes). But with the encouragement of a RL quilting friend, and the cheery helpfulness of a local coffeehouse, I've been sitting down and finishing these babies.

It feels goooood.

And now I can wrap it and take it along to bible study tomorrow night! :)

I have a fabric post, but I might let that wait for Fabric Friday.

I'm going to submit this for the Gen X Quilter's Summer Fair Quilt And Recipe Show:
Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

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  1. Sure feels good to finally cross those projects off the list. Great quilt! Thanks for sharing with us at Summer Fair! AnneMarie


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