Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my cousin, cancer, and patchwork ideas

My cousin Tina was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago and is presently undergoing chemo, which is having the expected result on her hair.

Tina and I are the same age - in fact, she's only two weeks older than me, and we were in the same high school for Year 11 and 12 - junior and senior years to the Americans, fifth and sixth form for the Brits. We drifted apart in our twenties, she got married to a lovely guy, moved to London, moved back to Sydney, had a kid...

We lost touch: she's a big social butterfly and I'm...me. :)

Her cancer has hit her hard, especially given her son is barely a year old. However, with the grace of God and the support of her family and friends, she's getting through it.

The reason I'm posting this here is because she's asked for ideas for covering her bald head after chemo and I suddenly realised I could make her something.

Tina's always been fashionable. My memories of Tina are always of her being impeccably dressed, the picture of a gracious hostess and elegant woman. I can put on the elegance when I want/need to - with Tina, it was natural as breathing.

So I'm looking at patterns (free, right now) to make hats or scarves from my fabric collections.

- Sunhat with a bias tape brim
- Bucket hat.
- a nice scalloped-brim hat
- a scarf from Amy Butler's Free Patterns
- Boho chic patchwork scarf pattern
- a lovely fat-quarters scarf from Tea Rose Home

I might start with a scarf and then work my way around to the hats.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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