Friday, July 8, 2011

charm pack confusion

Back when I first started getting into precuts (about 3 years ago), I bought up a bunch of charm square packs - just colours and styles that appealed to me, with no real idea of what I was going to use them for.

Over the years, I continued to have very little idea of what I should create with them...

One set I turned into HSTs for a darks/lights quilt, which has never been finished. I buried my cat in it earlier this year, sort of as a reminder of all those quilts she parked herself upon through the years.

Then I sorted several 'classic' charm packs into a shade-oriented layout...and then never worked out how to put it together. The original plan was for hexagons in rows, offset by triangles in contrasting solids.

However, I believe the hexagon blocks I had in mind require fairly careful and precise quilting, so not an option.

Right now, I'm tending towards making a Li'l Twister out of it.

That left at least two charm packs that still haven't been used.

And yesterday, I decided I'd just turn them into a disappearing nine-patch lap quilt.

Cue: dropping everything and sewing!

Disappearing Harvest Charm Squares

Disappearing Harvest Charm Blocks

It'll be a cot quilt - not more than 40" square, if that. I might consider hand-quilting it for a change. Or else practise my machine-quilting skills on it (such as they are).

I'm still deciding what to do with the remaining three blocks. Perhaps put them on the back of the quilt? Or else add them to my 'orphan blocks' and finally end up putting them all together in a 'random block quilt'?

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