Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kaleidoscope argh

So I laid out a few blocks this evening to get a feel for the colours of the quilt.

Kaleidoscope QAL layout

I don't like the colours. Maybe because the pencils I used to colour in the plan were more saturated and so, brighter. I thought it would be okay.

It's not.

This quilt is speaking to me, but all it's saying right now is MEH.

*wonders where to now*


  1. maybe another background color will make you change your mind. On the picture it looks not bad at all.
    Good luck!!

  2. I think it looks nice, but I know the feeling when it just doesn't turn out like the picture in your head! In fact, I had the exact same problem with my kaleidoscope QA! Sometimes even if it's not what you expected, it still looks good. But I agree that maybe it needs another background color? Maybe a warm gold or something?


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