Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

1. The binding on Kate and Chris' quilt.

That's a very old pic of the raw quilt top. It's since been quilted. It's coming along a lot faster than one for Owen and Megs I finished earlier this week. I think it's because this backing is pure cotton. I think that the backing for Owen and Megs' quilt was polycotton. Will have to warn them about that.

2. String Block cushion cover:

String Block Cushion Cover

Made from scraps leftover from trimming the "Cathedral Windows Quilt" I made for Rachel L in 2007, and the corresponding quilt I made for myself in 2008.

3. Batik 'coins' cushion cover:

Batik Coins Cushion Cover

Also made from the scraps of those two quilts. The black works really well as a background - but I think the fabric could be a problem since I think it's a polycotton blend. Oops?

4. Don't Call Me Betsy Kaleidoscope Quilt - Colour Attempt #2

The change in colour scheme has totally enthused me about this quilt. Given how cold, rainy, and grey Sydney is right now, it's very much needed!

A pic of the layout:
Kaleidoscope Layout #2

The current state of play:
Kaleidoscope WIP

It's a bit of a mess, but hey - WIP, right?

A focus on the blocks that are actually sewn together.
Kaleidoscope Block Layout

Look at those points! I don't think I've ever had anything match up so perfectly before!
Kaleidoscope Block

I still have all the pieces I cut for the original colour scheme - I think I might mix it all up and see how it works. Perhaps with some golds and patterns to move things along?

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  1. Wow, pretty string block pillow cover! Nice colors. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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