Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summary of 2011 & Plans for 2012

A mosaic of my sewing projects through 2011!

2011 Quilting Mosaic
1. Modern Rail Fence. 2. Amazeing French Lace. 3. Autumn Cushions. 5. Steampunk Victorian Dress. 6. Gen X Charmed Prints QAL. 7. DCMB Kaleidoscope QAL. 8. ps.i quilt Postage Stamp QAL. 9. Lily's Quilts Dead Simple QAL. 10. Messenger Bag. 11. Freshly Pieced Supernova QAL. 12. Gothic Cushions. 13. Sanctuary Kaleidoscope. 14. Mum's Imperial Stars. 15. Hidden Harvest. 16. The Colour Of Magic.

So: this year, I got serious about sewing.

Apart from the 12 Quilts of 2011, I participated in various exchanges - fabric and craft, started making clothes again (I haven't made dresses for some twenty years now), and joined the club of People Who Make Gifts.

Highlights of the year include:
- making RL friends who quilt
- discovering internet friends from before this year who also quilt,
- joining two regular quilting groups - Sydney Southern Cross Quilters, and the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild,
- joining online QALs,
- starting a handsewing project,
- purchasing enough fabric to make a year's worth of quilts,
- participating in a birthday block swap,
- having a great deal of fun!

It's been a learning experience all around, and great for my colour-and-shape creative side: the part of me that likes the joy of picking fabrics, choosing a design, and seeing the finished product.

Plans for 2012

In 2012, my goals are to:

1. Finish another 12 quilt tops.
2. Make at least 1 quilt from go to whoa - including the quilting stage, which I usually fob off to someone else.
3. Start making quilts and patterns with an intent to sell.

I don't know how feasible these will be, especially since I hope to get a 9-to-5 job in 2012 and between the job, writing, sewing, and the hope of a social life, it could get very tiring very fast! But it helps me to set goals, even if I don't achieve them. (I've been planning to finish one of my novel-length stories every year for the last five years. I still haven't.)

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  1. What a great year for you AND great goals 2012. Yea a job kind of cramps your style, but relaxing in the sewing room after is a very good thing!


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