Thursday, January 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday #1 2012

It's perfectly okay to start over in 2012, isn't it? :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So, there are the leftovers from last year:

Wherever We Are Bound>

Supernova Quilt
This will be a gift for my stepbrother and his wife-to-be at their wedding this weekend. Setting c/o the parental house. :)


I love the quilted curls - it works really well against the straight lines and angles of the supernova blocks! And the binding is rainbow coloured all the way around - made from leftover fabric from the blocks!

Colour Of Magic


The quilting isn't easy to see on this one, but it's this great floral pattern in a kind of Indian-brocade style. Something to take the edge off the simplicity of the squares.

Although I actually picked another palette for the Dead Simple QAL, this was my first attempt at "straight squares" for a quilt, using a batik fat quarter set I ordered from an ebay seller. Now that it's almost finished, I really really like the colour pattern.

Again, the setting is c/o the parental house. :)

As you can see in both those photos, the binding is sewn onto the front but not fully done. I'll be sewing the binding on the stepbrother's tomorrow over at the parentals' I think, and probably do the CoM quilt sometime during Jan.

Unfinished Business

Dead Simple Quilt
dead simple QAL: borders

Borders for the Dead Simple quilt. The golden strips will be a thin border, before I do a border of more squares around it, with perhaps a gold binding. I still have to decide on the binding.

HST Harvest
HST Harvest

Blocks trimmed, now to decide on which of the three configurations I should use:

Layout 1:
harvest hst quilt: layout 1

Layout 2:
harvest hay quilt: layout 2

Layout 3:
harvest hst quilt: layout 3

I'm undecided, so I turn to you, dear readers! Leave a vote in the comments. Please?

Charmed Prints

I missed the deadline for getting the quilt top finished before Christmas. Just didn't have time/energy to do it.

charmed prints

The Virginia Star blocks have caused no small amount of trouble due to the fact that they're 10.5" unfinished and all the other blocks were 10" unfinished. Ruh-roh!

All I can suggest is that you don't examine the seams on this one too closely. *wince*

Other Things To Do
- make pillowslips for Mum's Imperial Stars
- make pillowslips for the Penny Batik (which mum has bought off me)
- more Drunkard's Path handsewing! (There'll be plenty done by next month - I'm going to HK with the parentals for the Chinese part of stepbro's wedding next week. Result? Probably quite a lot of time, just me and my handsewing in airport lounges...)


  1. LOVE your Supernova quilt!! So pretty! And I vote for layout option 3, very dynamic :o)

  2. Kind of a repeat comment - LOVE the Supernova and I like option 3 also!

  3. It has to be the third one :)

  4. Fabulous Supernova!!! I am the contrarian - I choose layout 2. :)


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