Friday, February 3, 2012

I really do wish they all could be California Girls...

I actually hate that video. Both of them - Beach Boys and Katy Perry. I have a horror of videos where all the women bounce around half-naked and the guys are fully dressed. Probably because it happens so often in music videos while the converse almost never happens. (Except in Bananarama videos. There's got to be some GenX quilters who remember Bananarama, surely!)

That was the first CD I ever owned. Looooong ago. :D

So, let's pull ourselves out of Memory Lane, and get back on topic...

Regarding the topic: I really do wish all my quilts would turn out as fast as the California Girl quilt has!

I pulled out the fabric on Sunday...
California Girl - jelly roll

Had the pieces cut by Monday...

Sewn on Tuesday...

Arranged by Wednesday...
Cali Girl Diamonds - en pointe

Added the setting triangles Thursday
cali girl layout

And was all ready to sew it together today...except that my stepdad needed me to do some work.

Maybe I could fit it in tonight? Oh wait, I'm going to dinner with friends, so that's not going to scan. Bother!

Tomorrow morning, then. Before the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters Guild meeting at 10am. Whew!

Also, there's a competition going on over at the Moda Bake Shop: Sliced.

I really need to make a quilted sleeve for my laptop - Ever since I lost the padded sleeve it came in, I've been carrying it around 'bare'. Which probably isn't doing it any favours.

Really must back it up soon! Imagine if it failed on me! *shudders*

But, yes, a quilted sleeve for my laptop, and maybe one for my e-Reader (which has been travelling around in a shoulder purse I bought while visiting Paris in May last year).

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  1. Wow, I'm super impressed with the progress you've made! And an e-reader sleeve is a great idea. My Kindle crosses its fingers every time I throw it into my purse without a cover. LOL


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