Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday: interruptions 'r us

Laptop cases!

After the fiasco of the TARDIS laptop cover, I remeasured, and cut and sewed anew...and it's all done!

Laptop cases

cot quilt: disappearing harvest

This is the first quilt top I've quilted myself using FMQ. I borrowed a friend's Bernina 4400 and, after basting and a practise run, I plunged in.

The front: disappearing squares with a harvest/fall charm pack.
disappearing fall

The back: harvest/fall fabric.
Disappearing fall back

It's not perfect, there are sections which could definitely do with improvement, but on the whole I'm pretty happy with it.

It'll make a nice cot quilt to sell on eBay!


Books and Blocks bee

The only thing I still have in progress is my February block for Lauralei143 - the Diamond Ripples block - but I didn't take any photos of that.

- Scrap Attack: Dirty Dancing - didn't have a chance to begin sewing before we had to move everything out
- Modern Traditions - ditto - no time, and now no space due to kitchen renovations


March is going to be a very quiet month for me - we're renovating the kitchen and it's a big project, involving moving all the stuff in the kitchen out into the living room - my sewing space.

So right now, my sewing room looks like this:
my sewing space

Not exactly conducive to quilting, is it?

We also have two new members of the family!

Meet Smokey (grey tabby) and Mal (brown tabby with orange):
mirror image snoozing

They're running me off my feet right now, and I'm kind of exhausted.

So it's going to be slow going in the next couple of months.

That's my week: how was yours?


  1. The Laptop covers look great! Good luck with the kitchen remodel and your new additions to the family. :)

  2. They're cute distractions though. You've got great projects going. I need to clean up my fabric and such as well. Good luck getting everything done!

  3. Great colours in that charm pack and I like how you used them too! Your new cats have made themselves right at home I see!

  4. Hi Sel....I just awarded you with the Liebster Award...please check out my post to see what you need to do; if you accept it

  5. The Disappearing Harvest looks perfect for a cottage!


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