Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Quilts

A late post on the Baby Quilts, which were actually finished last weekend. But I didn't get around to putting this post together on Monday, and I thought I'd better space my posts out a little.

So: commission, yadda yadda, baby quilts, yadda yadda, fabric purchase, yadda yadda, procrastination, procrastination, procrastination, yadda yadda...


I was doing some mad crazy quilting on Friday night before heading out to the footy with a friend, and then did some more early Saturday morning just as soon as I could pry my eyes open. Deadlines ftw!

Baby quilts: Finished!

I put the blue top together first, and quilted it first, too. My first time quilting something serious on my own machine! (ie. something that wasn't for me.)

Lots of detailed quilting on this one. In fact, it's pretty much a sampler for my quilting style!

Baby quilts: #1 bound

The overall effect...isn't bad. But the design perfectionist in me is all "but it's not PERFECT!" (The practical perfectionist in me is all "eh, you'll never get it perfect perfect - you know that, right?")

Baby Quilt 2: detail

And I love the fabric used for the back!

Baby quilts: #1 backing

SPACE INVADERS! Be still, oh my childhood of Atari games!

Quilt #2 is a lot more evenly quilted: basic stipple - so much easier on me! And more evenly quilted!

Baby quilts: #2 bound

And the back of this one is a medical print: Baby quilts: #2 backing

I have to say that while this one was certainly easier than the was a lot less exciting, too. (Which possibly means I am a Drama Queen. Oops?)

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