Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Heirloom Quilt: "For Everything Else...There's Mastercard!"

I fell in love with the Heirloom collection almost as soon as it came out, and bought a half-yard of my favourite colourway as soon as I could afford it. Possibly sooner than I could afford it, considering I was out of work.

The plan was always to make a big, simple quilt out of the fabric. I simply didn't want to cut down the bold colours into teeny-tiny squares - and I thought the big patterns would look better in big pieces.

So I started cutting the fabrics last Thursday night while over at Penny Poppleton's and it went faster than I expected!

Heirloom fabrics

Such bright, lovely fabrics in this collection! So richly sumptuous! I'm particularly enamoured of the magentas and purples, but the pale yellows provide much-needed contrast.

No blocks for this one, just big columns of fabric laid out and sewn together.

It's definitely going to be a quilt with personality...

Heirloom layout

Current working title: "For everything else, there's Mastercard!"


  1. That is going to look GREAT!!

  2. What awesome fabrics! Just lovely!

  3. hahaha! when the fabric speaks to you, you HAVE to listen!! I totally get it ;)

    can't wait to see more!


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