Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eurovision 2012!

A friend is hugely into Eurovision and throws a party every year, inviting friends around to watch the SBS channel's screening of it, and decorating in the colours of the host country. This year, the colours were red, blue, and green, as per Azerbaijian's flag.

Eurovision party with spiders

My top three picks after watching the competition (but before the voting) were:
1. Iceland
2. Sweden
3. Germany

Clearly I know almost nothing about Eurovision works!

I did keep expecting Sweden's entry to start singing "Heathcliff! It's me, I'm Cathy, I've come home!" but obviously that wasn't in the plan.

Anyway, the party was fully decorated and we were encouraged to dress in the colours of the Azerbaijani flag. I've been planning to make something for my 'costume' for the last few weeks. Naturally, being me, it came down to the last minute. By which I mean, I started putting it all together on Sunday morning at 8am. The party was Sunday night at 6pm. I had hockey. And a church thing. It pretty much got finished at 5:30, sitting in my friend's lounge while listening to an explanation of how Eurovision worked.

Azerbaijani scarf

Making the scarf was the easy part! Affixing a crescent moon and a star to the 'flag'? Much more tricky!

Azerbaijani scarf

My applique is a little dodgy because I didn't think to back it with interfacing and the edges frayed after I'd sewed it. Then, too, I wasn't too careful about the appliqueing - I just slapped it down and sewed it, adjusting the tension to try to get that nice satiny stitch that my mum's applique always had.

In case you couldn't tell, I failed.

Azerbaijani scarf

I had to cut the 45 degree parallelograms myself, because the standard ones are 60 degree, and I needed an 8-pointed star, not a 6-pointed one.

Azerbaijani scarf

My covering of the templates was not the best (circumstance, timing, and inexperience), and so the star isn't as neatly precise as I would have liked.

But it passed muster in the end!

And a good time at the Eurovision 2012 party was had by all!

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