Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The One With Mastercard

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I Thought I Couldn't Do It, But Indeed I Did! (a.k.a. "Finished!")

I did some mad quilting on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday morning, and completed them both in time to meet with my friend for lunch on Saturday!

Baby quilts: Finished!

Phew! Now that they're all done, I've decided I rather like them. My friend messaged me on Monday to say that Recipients of Quilt #1 (the blue one) are delighted with it, so hooray for happy customers!

Elsa's Mug Rug

Done and bound, and bound for Elsa, along with some goodies!

Mug rug:  back

Mug rug:  front

I'm afraid it's not as pretty as the one she made me, though! And the light in which I took the photo was crappy. (I really need a photobooth or something for these pics.)'s a bit on the large side. Must make it smaller next time!

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming... (a.k.a. "WIPs")

For Everything Else, There's Mastercard!

Quirky name for a very vivid quilt. This quilt has lots of personality and isn't about to try to hide it. (Gosh, that sounds like several people I know, can't imagine who...)

Heirloom layout

First couple of rows are sewn together: this week will be about sewing together the rest of it. And making sure I have enough left over for binding it! ACK!

On A Road To Nowhere (a.k.a. "No Progress")

Mum's Impstar: *sigh*
Disappearing Harvest: A friend has just announced her pregnancy - I think this will do nicely as a baby blanket! BUT THAT MEANS I HAVE TO FINISH IT!!!
Go Back To The Mountain, Turn The Quilt Around: ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH

And the blocks:
New York Beauty: my printer briefly spazzed out last night and refused to print the template for Block 8. I shall check the number and try again tonight.
Books And Blocks Bee: I gotta get May done, and June. And then I have to do July early, because I'm the Queen Bee for July!
Birthday Blocks: Nope, nothing.

Current quilting project threat level: Dire.

I might have to start prioritising before my quilting project threat level reaches BEARS.

Anyway, there is or will shortly be a WIP Wednesday post up at Lee's! Check out the links at the linky party - and leave a few comments for folks whose work you like because comments are love. I've been really bad about going forth and commenting lately (BAD SEL! NO BISCUIT!), but I will get better!


  1. They are so beautiful! Of course the recipient loves it!!! :) Love the yellow as well.

  2. Love the colours on those two quilts - it must have been really satisfying to get both of them quilted and finished.

  3. Absolutely love the colors! Gorgeous work!

  4. I love those top quilts!
    The colors on's beautiful!

    Here via WIP Wednesday.

  5. excellent finishes! alot of progress this week - yay for you.

  6. I love the colors in your heirloom quilt--it is coming along nicely!

  7. I like the colours too. and love the baby quilts you finished...great job Sel.

  8. For Everything Else, There's Mastercard! Love it! Great name and wonderful colors!


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