Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with hexies

I spent about half the weekend out in my garden, getting things done. Planting trees and prepping beds and working out what to do about the major major slug problem I have. Ugh, slugs.

On the other hand: BEES!

Hello mister bee! I'm so glad you like my borage! Please, come again later this season when I shall have many blossoms wanting pollination... #gardenofsel #garden



Sewing my fingers off to get these done in time. Once again, last minute saves the day.

So I'm sewing these things everywhere:

Sprinting to the #hexiedownunder finish line. Sincerely, I couldn't do *just* sewing as my recreational activity. Much as I love it, I need a variety of activities to be satisfied....

Not doing much, just hexies! #hexiedownunder #saturdaynightcraftalong

And I do mean everywhere:

There's a cat sleeping on my legs while I #hexiedownunder... #catsofinstagram #advenchuresofsmokeyandmal

But, boy, am I getting tired of last-minute! And this is why I'm not going to sign up for Round 2. I might just slowly keep sewing a couple of flowers a month and eventually, when I'm old and grey and not actually a granny, I'll have enought for a a grandmother's flower garden quilt. Except I'll still have to sew it all together and...oh dear...

Sewing on the long commute home from Liverpool. #hexiedownunder

Not Like The Folks Next Door (sewyourstash mini)

No movement.

mini swarm by Sel

I still had blocks left over after making Not Like The Folks Next Door, so I've managed to use all of them (nearly all of them) in another mini.

Had enough pieces left over for a mini-#swarmbysel

It's more of a lap quilt, really. Or maybe a baby quilt. A baby quilt could work; I owe at least one!

Righty-o: looks like this is destined for the kid who I haven't yet given a gift to.

Honestly, my friends are having babies faster than I can gift things. STAHP! STAHP NAO!

Other things

So, I have finally made an effective cat trap:

A wonderfully effective cat trap! #catsofinstagram #cats #advenchuresofsmokeyandmal  #massdrop

Perhaps not quite as effective as I might like, since it takes a while to persuade her to stay in the box and not walk all over my projects...

Still, Massdrop was terribly clever to make boxes just large enough for the one of my cats who likes boxes to fit in! *grins*

Lizzy House - Meadow Quilt Class

This Saturday I'm doing a course with Lizzy House - the Meadow quilt class in Sydney! And looking forward to it quite a bit. Except that I really need to choose my fabrics and my background and my neutrals, and I think there might be a requirement for freezer paper and ARGH SO BUSY WHEN WHAT HOW TIME UGH NOOOOO...


What's your progress this week?


  1. Lol, my cat loves those Massdrop boxes as well, except he is way too large to fit in them, he still tries though :) I've been busy binding my quilts for our quilt show in November, one to go and then I'm done.

    1. I think it's almost funnier when they're too large to fit in. :D

      Ooh, good luck with the binding! (I wish I had the time to at least try to enter one for QuiltCon next year, but everything is crazy right now and spring is the WORST time with the garden and evreything...)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I ***love*** what you did with the Next Door leftovers. :D

    1. Did you see my Swarm (by Sel) from earlier this year? That's a full-sized quilt of those blocks. :)

  3. Hysterical post!! I love bees and hexies and, well you know, get everything done last minute as well! Lol!


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