Friday, October 2, 2015

many quilt. so swarm. pretty.

This is not quite my WIP Wednesday (it's Friday for starters). I didn't get my WIP Wednesday done because it's been a really busy week on all fronts!

Not Like The Folks Next Door (#sewmystashmini)

Quilting is done!

"Not Like The Folks Next Door" needs binding, but nearly done! #sewmystashminiquiltswap #stashsewerteammegan

[insert standard rundown about how it doesn't feel good enough]

I tried a few new things; some worked, some didn't. There was some unpicking necessary. Mostly, I feel like I need to make more minis (Make More Minis = 3M or TripleM) to practise my quilting on. I've said this before, haven't I? I was doing the 100Days of FMQ at one point, and then...didn't end up completing it. I really should keep going with that...

Swarm By Sel (the mini version)

Mini #swarmbysel! A rather belated 1st birthday gift!

Not sure I like the hexagons clumped together, but it's certainly a pretty pattern!

(I really suck at pattern making. Really.)


I pretty much spent the last week madly sewing hexies to get my load finished.

Getting there - slow and steady! #hexiedownunder

Sprinting to the #hexiedownunder finish line. Sincerely, I couldn't do *just* sewing as my recreational activity. Much as I love it, I need a variety of activities to be satisfied....

Finished! Just in time, too!

Okay. Hexies basted! Now just to sew them together! #hexiedownunder #saturdaynightsewing

And I believe that's the #hexiedownunder complete! Whew! Now to pack and post...

Finished them off, sent them out. Hope the recips like them. It's always a bit of a Russian Roulette in what you receive. And I don't think I'll do it again - not because of what I received, but because I am a horrendous lazy ass, and I think it would be best if I didn't do things (ie. swaps) where other people are adversely affected by my laziness. Oh, I got everything out - my sense of responsibility is highly developed - but doing things right up to the deadline, while acceptable for, say, a quilt swap, is not so great when you've got many many gifts to give out to many many people.

So, no more swaps like this. Individual swaps, maybe - one to one. Much more doable.

Plain Jane Passacaglia

And now that I'm done with the #hexiedownunder, it's time to get going on the #plainjanepassacaglia

And we're back at the #plainjanepassacaglia again! #wipwednesday

I think I'm going to do some more sewing together this weekend at SCQuilters group.

Meadow Class with Lizzy House

And thus dawned the day with the Meadow Class, in which many of my fellow Sydney ModSQuadders were present:

Meadow Quilt Course with Lizzy House at at Hobbysew: @pennypoppleton, @sharingthegoodstuff and me! #sydneymeadowquilt #meadowquilt #lizzyhousedownunder

(That's me in the bottom of the photo. No, I don't have a selfie stick.)

We learned how to make the blocks:

My #meadowquilt block at the #sydneymeadowquilt class today!

And the importance of design!

(I may be a little bit of a design rebel. I've decided I'm not going to lay my flowers out in the 4x5 pattern, but in another pattern instead...)

I may be a little bit of a design rebel...  #meadowquilt #sydneymeadowquilt

Still need to work out which backgrounds to keep coloured and which should be background...

Lizzy herself was wonderful - very sweet and very droll. Her comedic timing in teaching was wonderful, and the day was just a whole lot of fun with really awesome women, and a great deal of jokes. (Angie of GnomeAngel was there, and she made ALL THE COMMENTS with delightful timing.) All in all, it was a good day, and if you ever have the opportunity to do the class - if Lizzy brings it to your city or your town or whatever - I recommend it highly.

Other things

A delivery of Tula Pink's Eden came in the mail and I laid it out for photography.

#tulapink's Eden from @polkadotteafabrics - #happymail that arrived Friday afternoon but want an until this morning!

And then the cat happened.

What happens the instant you leave fabric unattended. #cats #catsofinstagram #advenchuresofsmokeyandmal

Look at that expression!

Anyway, this weekend is two sewing meets - SCQuilters on Saturday at the BlueGum, and the Sydney Mod SQuad (Sydney Modern Sewists and Quilters) on Sunday at Hobbysew Top Ryde. I'm going to #plainjanepassacaglia on Saturday, and probably Meadow on Sunday, because it will be easiest then, I think...

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