Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP: the one with patches

A little work, but not much new.


Quilt Uberfest

I've done ten 9-patch blocks to fill in the gaps of the eight blocks from the Quilt Uberfest.

Slowly making my way through the nine-patches for #quiltuberfest

Looking at it now, though, I'm thinking I'm going to have to sash-and-post these, possibly
with a contrasting colour as the posts, to give some extra dimension to the quilt, and to allow the blocks to be better seen, instead of just melding into each other.

WIP Wednesday October

100 Days Project

I've been more focused in making up the 4-patches which I'm using to practise on, so I'm quite a few days behind. Also, it's a bit of a pain to put the quilting foot on every night
and switch it out for the quarter-inch foot when I want to do regular sewing.

WIP Wednesday October

So I'll do some of the FMQing this weekend - Friday and Saturday night, when I have a bit of time free.

A little movement, but no pictures

Plain Jane Passacaglia: working my way through another rosette

No movement

3:10 to Mendocino: Nothing

Honey Honey (Spring Garden?): Going back to finish the quilting on Sunday

Meadow: Nope

Swarm By Sel (mini): Nope

Other things

Carpet that made me think of quilting:

WIP Wednesday October

I don't even remember where I saw it anymore!

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