Friday, October 23, 2015

3:10 to Mendocino [YumaQAL]

So it's not really a quilt-along when you're the only one doing it, right?

Anyway, the Yuma Quilt is on the table - the top to hopefully be done this weekend!

I laid out my fabric choices last night, and started sorting them. The range is (for anyone who's been living under a rock these last few years) Heather Ross' Mendocino Mermaids - OOP, very rare, and now in reprint! I found - literally, randomly came across - significant yardage of it on my LQS webpage at a fraction of the price being asked for it online. (Like $40/m, and this was $10/m.)

I'd bought two bolts outright - everything they had of it - and yardage of another two bolts, within ten minutes. And from there, it kind of became an obsession to collect as much of the line as possible. *sigh* I hadn't been invested until I found the bolts!

But now it's going to reprint, and I want to make a quilt before everyone else gets their hands on it! :D

So, here's my Mendocino collection:

Let the cutting begin! #yumaQAL #mendocinomermaids #310tomendocino #eep

And here it is all cut up:

Background choices, Kona Steel (near) or Kona Slate (far)? I'm leaning toward Slate myself.  Your thoughts? #310tomendocino #yumaQAL #mendocinomermaids

I'm auditioning backgrounds - Kona Steel (foreground) or Kona Slate (background). Right now, my instinct and instagram are saying Slate. It's kind of reminiscent of the murky deeps of the ocean, isn't it? The sea on a stormy day. Steel is more like mountains and rocks - it would probably do really well with earthier, warmer colours. (Yes, I know Mendocino is pinks and golds and oranges and browns, but when you look at them, you realise they're very cool tints of warm colours. More blue in them than red.)

Either way, I'll start cutting the background tonight. I'm debating making the setting triangles out of another Mendocino yardage I have, though...

This weekend is for putting it all together - the diagonals are going to be interesting. Although, maybe not so much since, because the Yuma blocks are on point, I had to cut the fabric diagonally to keep the prints directional. Yes, I did cut the prints directionally. Yes, I have a lot of scraps as a result. They'll probably go on the back, or into a new quilt. We'll see.

So much sewing to do, so little time!

The quilt gets its name from the movie 3:10 to Yuma, of course. :)

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  1. I'm so glad you did this post and explained your background choice. I wish I could see it in person I know it's going to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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