Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 Q4 goals

1. Quilt the Snowflake quilt

Yeah, this sucker:
WIP Wednesday: sprint for the show

2. Make 2 summer dresses out of the Liberty fabric I bought in the UK

Use this pattern:
Butterick 6404 classic

3. Make 1 summer dress out of the C+S voile I have

...probably just a slip dress, no zipper, nothing. Comfy and casual.

4. Piece 'I Bet Fibonacci Never Had To Do Quilt Math'

New project in C+S, very secret. Will hopefully be for next year's Sydney Quilt Show

5. Piece the Meadow Quilt

Started started started, gotta finish it. Lizzy said that once you've done the 'eyes', you'll finish the quilt. So I suppose this project could be called "The Eyes Have It"?!? (*cue groans at dadjoke*)

My #meadowquilt block at the #sydneymeadowquilt class today!

6. Piece Yuma QAL in HR Mendocino

7. Finish Scrappy Log Cabin

WIP Wednesday: scraps, charms, and cats.

8. Do 100 Days Of FMQ project

100 Days, starting the 2nd October. That'll take me through to the New Year, right? How about a 10x10 of 9.5" square blocks with FMQ on them? See if I can make it work?

Putting my goals up at Fiber of All Sorts' October 2015: A Lovely Year Of Finishes Masterpost.


  1. Wish you all the best to get it finished. So many nice projects.

  2. Wow! 100 days sounds like a lot, but it really is just a quarter. Great goals!

  3. Wow!! Your have a lot of goals! I'm impressed. :) Good luck getting them all finished up. I'm dying to do a scrappy log cabin. I just need to finish my Christmas projects first!


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