Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Celebrate Colour - Autumn Cushions

Celebrate Color

I wasn't sure I'd be entering this at all - getting these done seemed just so impossible with everything else going on right now!

But they're done and finished and looking quite good enough that I am suffering just a leetle covetousness...

The fronts!
cushion fronts

The sides and backs!
cushion stack

The artfully arranged!
Celebrate Colour Cushions - finished!

They're intended for someone in the UK - an exchange that was supposed to cover Halloween, and is supposed to reach her by the 21st November. *coughs*

It's gonna be a bit late, I think...

I just hope she likes them!


  1. Beautiful pillows! Definitely worth the wait! ;-)

  2. These look great - I'm sure she'll love them :)

  3. Of course she will! They came out great. Thanks for joining in with Celebrate Color!


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