Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday #28


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I tried to get around to commenting on everyone's blogs from last week...

...and then I got bitten on the right hand by bull-ants on Monday and developed cellulitis (swelling of the tissues) and it was horrible and painful and not at all pretty. (You don't have to click on that: my hands were never going to be on any handcream commercial in the first place, and it looks rather ghastly, in fact. Two weeks too late for Halloween!)

So Tuesday was a complete bust for anything. Except playing hockey. (Field hockey; not ice.) Which I probably shouldn't have done, but did. *coughs*

I did manage to comment on a bunch of blogs though (I started from the end of the WIP Wednesday link-up to give the later blogs some love) and am super-impressed, awed, and appreciative of the projects out there and just how wide and varied they are!

It has solidified a feeling that I should be more proactive about commenting on other people's blogs - after all, I do love it when y'all comment here, so I don't imagine other bloggers are that much different!

Therefore, my goal for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 is to comment on at least five WIP linkups every week. With maybe one WIP Wednesday each quarter where I go through all the blogs and leave some kind of a comment. ("COMMENT ON THE BLOGS! COMMENT ON ALL THE BLOGS!")

I'll probably try to make it one of the weeks where the number of WIP entries are, you know, small-ish?

...and when I'm not getting bitten by bull-ants. Which I shall steadfastly attempt to avoid in future!

Anyway, on to actual quilting things!


My swap cushions!

cushion tryptych:
A photo I took after I'd quilted the cushion fronts on Sunday. They're three slightly different colour backgrounds (Kona Hot Spice FQ bundle: gorgeous colours) but the range of fabrics I chose for the coins panel is more or less the same for each, just a bit mixed up.

cushion fronts
I have decided I will give all three away to the intended recipient. I can always make more. I just hope she can use them with her decor! (She said earth colours...)

cushion stack
And a view of the back - with my label on.

Yes, I know the label is wrong - it's not a quilt - but I have all these labels and I'm going to stick them on every damn thing I can to get through them all! :)

I also finished a slightly impromptu phone cover:
Phone cover

Also for the non-crafty gift swap! I hope she likes it!

Still Chugging Along

Gen X Quilters

Finally got around to laying this one out on Monday!
Charmed prints QAL layout

I'm debating sashing - a deep blue - maybe royal or navy? Or a black? A solid? Or something with a subtle sea-themed pattern?

a) I'd like it to be dark - really dark, to make the Odyssea fabrics POP.
b) I don't want it to detract from the patterns - either the focus blocks, or the plain squares.
c) I want it to 'read' as a solid from a distance.

Of course, this may require...fabric purchasing! (I stll have money in the budget!

I've sewn together the blocks for Mum's Imperial Stars quilt and will post that in next week's WIP. We're having a space crisis in the lounge room lately, so the pictures aren't the best.

Running On The Spot
- Dead Simple QAL: I gotta pull my finger out and do the borders - I want borders for this one, but actually doing them? Oh so much effort!
- Quilt Uber-Fest: 6 blocks down, 10 to go!
- Harvest HSTs: don't even speak to me about this one...

- Santorini Sun And Sea Kaleidoscope
- Gothic Summer Sampler

- Supernova

Oncoming projects
French lace batiks project
French Lace Batiks for a Modern Basics Quilt!


  1. How about making a border with a slight blue in blue pattern? Hope your hand is feeling better now :)

  2. Love the cushions. Would be happy to have then at my place

  3. Hi Sel! I didn't know you had a blog! Glad I found it today. I just finished one of the purple and pink quilts. Check it out. The purple star block you sent in is on the back of the square quilt, so you'll see that later. THanks again for all you've done and glad I get to see more of your work!

  4. I love your decision about commenting! I have just started to arrive at a similar conclusion, as it's awesome getting so many comments on my own posts and then visiting those who posted! Also, that charm quilt is so pretty! I love your fabric choices.

  5. OUCH! I am so sorry about your hand. If it feels anything like Fire ants I can sympathize.

    You have so many great projects! I love the "slightly impromptu" phone cover. :) Your cushions turned out beautiful!


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