Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Charmed Prints QAL: layout and blocks

Sadly, the light was not the best and I was just using my camera phone, so the photography isn't very good.

Got the layout worked out last week, but didn't get around to making the blocks or cutting the sashing until the weekend.

In spite of my protests that I wanted a dark colour, I eventually settled on white. White sashing, white background. It's just simpler.

Virigina Star blocks
charmed prints qal: Virginia star 1

charmed prints qal: Virginia star 2

It actually got a bit tricksy here, having to re-calculate how large the pieces had to be for a finished block size of 10".

Greek Cross blocks
Unfortunately, for the Greek Cross, there is no easy way to get a finished block size of 10". As a result, the blocks are 9" finished and 9.5" unfinished. I'll just add a white border around it - it may look a little odd, but...can't really be helped.

charmed prints qal: Greek cross 2

And then this Greek Cross block turned into a Churn Dash...
charmed prints qal: Greek cross 1

I have contemplated making another Churn Dash and another Greek Cross, but that might make a few too many blocks to easily scatter about the quilt layout.

with the focus blocks
charmed prints qal : layout with blocks

It looks pretty good, I think!

So far, the focus blocks have been mostly the one colour. It might be interesting to put two or maybe three colours into a block.

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  1. Your points on those stars look perfect! Ah, sorry about the off measurements for converting to 10" blocks...you weren't up for cutting 1/16th of an inch??? :) Just guessing the cutting dims were a nightmare. I think your block look fabulous so far.

    I'm like you, I like to play it by ear and see what I think I need more of when you've got more put together. Great job so far!


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