Friday, November 11, 2011

a land of summer skies...

Hi to the new people following me - it's a pleasure to see you here!

This is like my Finished Friday post (seeing as I haven't bought any fabric this least...not any fabric that's yet been delivered... *whistles innocently*

So it is most definitely not autumn here:
Summer skies

Look at that sky! The temps have been up in the high twenties (Celsius, of course - I think that's about 80-85F for the Yanks) with heavy humidity, which makes it feel so much hotter.

And yet the quilting blogosphere is firmly in Fall.

And so, apparently, are my quilting instincts:
Switch Witch pillow

The cushion cover is for a non-quilty gift exchange, and the purple is actually more burgundy than it came out in the photo. I love the golden-brown thread I used for the quilting - it really stands out on the pillow and beautifully frames the coins.

I'm making two more. Still not sure if they're going into the exchange as well, although they probably will, so she can have matching cushions.

Do you ever get that moment of covetousness when you've finished something and decide you really really like it? I presently have a bad case of "But it's so pretty, I want to keep it!"

The how-to was taken from the Quilted Pillow Covers Tutorial over at The Pin Cushion. I love the instructions for the piping - so simple and yet it really adds something to the cushion cover.

I'm beginning to wonder if I can make a few of these as Christmas gifts for cousins and relatives... Something simple and yet nice!


  1. Yeah. I've finished things before that I've loved and didn't want to give away.

    I had one that I loved so much I had to pry it out of my hands. (Then I made a second one for me to keep! :)

  2. mmmmmmmm cushion is just wound't add me to your Christmas list now would you? lol.

    Thanks for stopping my and commenting on the Summer took me some time to get to this point; with my orders interrupting things...but now to get it quilted...probably after Christmas...hand quilting it.

  3. I love your pillow and the quilt. The colors are oh so yummy!


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